Lori Gruen

Ethics and Animals is a compelling introduction to animal ethics. Through compassionately reasoned arguments and provocative case studies, Gruen encourages readers to reflect empathetically on our treatment of other animals.


Moving beyond the dichotomous, sometimes heated, debates about human relations with other animals, Gruen captures the nuance of the various positions and frames our relations in fresh ways. She draws on her own experiences working with animals as well as the insights of people who are involved in many different aspects of the issues, e.g., those who work in labs, those who work at zoos, those who oppose the use of animals in labs, those who oppose zoos, those who care directly for animals in shelters and sanctuaries, and those who study animals in the wild. Despite the variety of attitudes and practices, Gruen highlights the way we are already in relationships to animals and thus implicated in the practices that put them in danger. She argues that failure to critically reflect on these existing relations abdicates our responsibilities and undermines our very agency.

"Ethics and Animals is a wonderfully readable introduction to the range of issues that come under that heading. Lori Gruen is not only a fine philosopher, but also a person with genuine empathy for animals, and the ability to express that in writing."
—Peter Singer, University Center for Human Values, Princeton University, author of Animal Liberation

"Ethics and Animals is a work of exceptional clarity and intelligence, and it is hard to imagine how it could be surpassed as a concise introduction to the competing philosophical approaches that underpin contemporary animal protection."
—Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO, The Humane Society of the United States

"here really is not much to criticize in this book. It is both good-hearted and well-argued. I encourage anyone interested in animal ethics to read it, and learn."—Julia Driver, from NDPR

Lori Gruen's new book, Ethics and Animals: An Introduction, is one of those few books that deserve the plaudits it has been getting and will continue to get...this is a beautifully written and marvelously accessible book for undergraduate students and for those scholars who are introducing themselves to or updating themselves about animal studies.
-- Greg Goodale, PhD., Northeastern University