entangled empathy In Entangled Empathy, scholar and activist Lori Gruen argues that rather than focusing on animal rights, we ought to work to make our relationships with animals right by empathetically responding to their needs, interests, desires, vulnerabilities, hopes, and unique perspectives.

ecofeminismEcofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals and the Earth brings together leading feminist scholars and activists as well as new voices to addresses the various ways that sexism, heteronormativity, racism, colonialism, and ableism are informed by and support speciesism.

ethics-of-captivityThough conditions of captivity vary widely for humans and for other animals, there are common ethical themes that imprisonment raises, including the value of liberty, the nature of autonomy, the meaning of dignity, and the impact of routine confinement on physical and psychological well-being.

Ethics-and-Animals2Ethics and Animals is a compelling introduction to animal ethics. Through compassionately reasoned arguments and provocative case studies, the book encourages readers to reflect empathetically on our relationships with other animals.

reflecting_on_natureThe second edition of Reflecting on Nature includes in depth discussions of a variety of topics in environmental philosophy, including new sections on food justice and climate change.

stem-cell-researchStem Cell Research: The Ethical Issues brings together leading ethicists who grapple with the variety of issues posed by human embryonic stem cell research.

sex-morality-and-the-law2Sex, Morality, and the Law combines legal and philosophical arguments to focus on six topics: homosexual sex, prostitution, pornography, abortion, sexual harassment, and rape.

animalliberationAnimal Liberation: A Graphic Guide

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